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SmartGD&T™ Training:
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Multi Metrics' SmartGD&T™ Training is offered in both public and private corporate settings. Training courses range from beginning through advanced and are normally customized to meet unique corporate needs, including company specific example drawings and processes. The building blocks are: concepts, tools and rules. The focus is on processes: feature function "encoding" and tolerance stack-up analysis, Feature Control Frame "decoding" for manufacturing inspection and assembly process management.

Each participant receives a proprietary course manual with extensive text and graphic material, and classroom exercises. In addition, each student receives a copy of the SmartGD&T Pocket Guide. The trainer uses overhead slides and PowerPoint presentations to introduce concepts, proprietary 3D models to demonstrate them, and a white board to amplify explanations. In addition, custom materials are prepared based on client drawings and incorporated into work group discussions. Finally, hands-on involvement is provided through group and individual exercises, as well as work with the Geo-Fact I, Gage-It I and other 3D training models, customer specific parts, and shop floor and inspection department demonstrations. Active participation and cross-training are encouraged throughout, in keeping with the concept that "the best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else".

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