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SmartGD&T™ Training:
Offered in both public and private corporate settings, Multi Metrics' GD&T Training courses range from beginning through advanced and can be customized to meet unique customer requirements.

SmartGD&T™ Encoding & Decoding Support:
Get real-time GD&T consulting support from Multi Metrics' SmartGD&T Advisors via telephone, e-mail, Web-conferencing, video-conferencing and on-site.

SmartGD&T™ Corporate Implementation:
A proven 5-step GD&T implementation solution, making GD&T a truly successful tool for companies and their supply chains.

The SmartGD&T Pocket Guide:
A critical resource providing insights into the concepts, tools and rules of the science of GD&T, enabling feature function based, syntactically correct application.

SmartGD&T™ Training Models:
Physical models which bring the concepts, tools and rules of GD&T alive, including exaggerated, imperfect features of real parts (the Geo-Fact) and their functional consequences, tolerance zones, Cartesian coordinate systems, Datum Features, Datum Feature Simulators, and the processes of Datum Reference Frame (DRF) establishment.


Interesting SmartGD&T™ Downloads:
SmartGD&T™ Encoding Services Overview: This document describes Multi Metrics' groundbreaking services to help ensure that GD&T actually performs as it should. In particular, it describes how the Multi Metrics team of SmartGD&T™ Advisors provides real time, web based support to get functional GD&T applied fast and well, and at the same time, to teach the fundamental processes to enable similar work to be performed independently in-house over the long haul.

SmartGD&T™ Corporate Implementation: Because GD&T is complex and generally only sporadically used, it often turns into baggage instead of contributing to the bottom line to its full abilities. This overview sets forth methods which enable corporations to make GD&T a fully productive part of the corporate and supplier culture.

SolidWorks World 2013 Presentation: We start the presentation by listing the objectives of GD&T and clarifying its most important concepts, tools and rules. Next we demonstrate its proper use, namely as a tool with which to “encode” part function by imposing precisely defined functional limits on feature imperfection in a well defined geometry control chain. This is followed by a demonstration of the uselessness of classical tolerancing, and then by an overview of the steps in the GD&T "encoding" process and the ease with which SolidWorks' DimXpert enables proper "encoding". Finally, the "decoding" - not the "interpretation" - of a Feature Control Frame is demonstrated, followed by its conversion into a precise process for establishing a Datum Reference Frame.
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