Multi Metrics, founded in 1975, is a world leader in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) technology and corporate implementation. Through its SmartGD&T™ Technology powered software, training and consulting products and services, Multi Metrics enables companies to actually realize the promise of GD&T, namely design more functional products and achieve significant reductions in new product ramp-up times and manufacturing and inspection costs, leading to increased profits.

Corporate Vision:
At Multi Metrics, we envision a world in which new products are launched more rapidly and manufactured more cost effectively, because their component parts and assemblies have been proven functional long before the costly alternative of prototype production analysis can even start, all due to the magic of SmartGD&T™ Technology.

Corporate Mission:

Multi Metrics' mission is to enable companies to not only learn, but to successfully implement and manage GD&T in order to truly profit from its benefits over the long-term.

Accomplishing our Mission:

Key to our ability to deliver on our mission are our corporate values:

Maintain close relationships with our Customers. We take the time to connect with our customers, to understand their unique needs and to focus on what they require to succeed both now and in the future.

Learn by Doing
. We are continuously learning through interaction with our customers and applying what we learn to the improvement of our team's knowledge, our products, and our services.

Thought Leadership
: We persistently work to maintain our position as innovators in the field of GD&T, by working closely with key industry leaders and with industry standards committees to develop new concepts, tools, rules, and processes, as well as refine those that exist today.

: We strive to excel in everything we do, with the aim of enabling our customers to do the same.

Committed People
: We take great pains to ensure our team consists of people who love their work, are experienced, knowledgeable, creative, and share the following values:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Passion for customers, partners, and the science of GD&T
  • Willingness to be proven wrong and committed to self-improvement
  • Respectful of others and committed to their success
  • Accountable for quality, results, and commitments

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