Storage Cases for SmartGD&T™ Training Models


Storage Cases for SmartGD&T™ Training Models

To ensure that your models remain in the pristine condition they arrive in, it is recommended that they be stored in a protective Storage Case. Storage Cases are a must have if the models are to be shipped or carried with while traveling to different training sites. In addition to protecting the models, Storage Cases keep model sets organized and help prevent loss.

Storage Case Features:

  • Watertight and airtight and able to be dropped onto a concrete floor from a height of 5 feet without

  • damaging the contents.

  • Constructed of light-weight, space age structural resin and fitted with a neoprene O-ring seal.

  • Supplied complete with foam dividers pre-cut to work with the models of your choice.

  • Includes locking flanges, massive multiple latches for absolute security and a comfortable molded fold down handle

Small- 13"L X 12"W X 6"D
(For Geo-Fact I or Geo-Fact I Plus, Gage-It I and BCS) 

Intermediate - 16"L X 13"W X 7"D 

Large (for full set of models) - 19.25"L X 15.5"W X 7.5"D
(For the complete trainer set) 

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