Geo-Fact I™ Plus


Geo-Fact I™ Plus

A Geo-Fact I with a CMM Mounting stand.

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Note: This stand enables supporting the Geo-Fact in a CMM in such a way that all features can be accessed at the same time by ball probes. Application: In order to assess and demonstrate the capabilities of a Coordinate Measuring Machine’s software, place the Gage-It assembly in the CMM, use it’s “perfect” Datum Feature Simulators to establish the desired Datum Reference Frame, “marry” the Geo-Fact’s Datum Features to their Gage-It simulators and measure the location of the tooling ball. Next, place the Geo-Fact on the stand, measure the applicable, imperfect Datum Features, and use the CMM software to establish the Datum Reference Frame again – which should be identical to the one established in the simulators. Next, measure the tooling ball again, to discover potentially very different results due to the inability of the software to establish the Datum Reference Frame correctly. Thus to maximize its benefits, it is highly recommended that Gage-It I™, as well as the SmartGD&T Personal Trainer & Exercise purchased with the Geo-Fact I Plus.

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