Gage-It I™


Gage-It I™

A multi-purpose functional gage set for use with Geo-Fact I, consisting of a base, a spring loaded rear fence with multiple detent positions for special applications, a removable side fence, three removable gage pins with four Material Condition expansion sleeves, five tombstones representing alternative Datum Feature Simulators for the slot in Geo-Fact I, three coordinate system axes for illustrating the outcome of Datum Reference Frame establishment processes, and six tooling balls, representing Point Datum Target Simulators. Gage-It I serves to demonstrate over 25 different Datum Reference Frame establishment processes, a wide range of residually mobile Datum Reference Frames and tolerance zones illustrating the Rule of Simultaneous Requirements, the impact of Datum Feature imperfections on the process, the differences between “aligning” and “clocking” Datum Features, and much more.  A copy of the SmartGD&T Personal Trainer & Exercise Manual is highly recommended as a source for myriad exercise examples.

Materials: Delrin, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel 

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The Gage-It I serves to illustrate:

  1. The difference between Datum Features, Datum Feature Simulators and Datums

  2. Datum Reference Frame construction

  3. Datum Feature versus Datum Target based, Datum Reference Frame construction

  4. Datum Feature Competition and the Sullivan-Tandler Degrees of Constraint Matrix

  5. Material Free Boundary Concept (Virtual Condition)

  6. Material Filled Boundary Concept (Resultant Condition)

  7. Unconstrained, Orientation Constrained, and Location Constrained Actual Mating Envelopes

  8. Effects of Datum Feature Simulator size control

  9. Effects of Datum Feature Simulator location control (an important, often overlooked effect)

  10. The Rule of Datum Feature Precedence

  11. The Rule of Degrees of Constraint Precedence

  12. The Rule of Non-Override

  13. The Rule of Maximum Utilization

  14. The Rules of Simultaneous Requirements

  15. The 6 Step Datum Reference Frame construction process

  16. Datum Reference Frame / Tolerance Zone Mobility effects

  17. The impact of imperfect geometry on machining and inspection operations

And much more.


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